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comments from the 2013 season

The water is well stocked, clear and the fish visible, Terry has done a marvellous job there and was on hand with tips (fly to use, location and big fish and casting) An excellent river keeper and very friendly with many tales, the cabin and facilities are first rate and as for the river, well it is a delight to fish.

Visible fish, good back casting for left and right handed people

Such a pretty place and the water is almost gin clear so makes for excellent classic chalk stream fishing, what was quite nice in that majority of fish have clearly been in the water for some time over the winter and so fought pretty well.

The quality of the water / setting – it’s my favourite chalk stream I think

Great location, was impressed by everything, ambience, maintenance, directions, it was a truly excellent experience.

Very pleasant day, the river a lot fuller than last year and obviously was as pretty as a picture

I had a very enjoyable day yesterday, Wherwell Priory is indeed beautiful

Wherwell never ceases to impress the river was in lovely condition and so were the fish!

I can’t fault it!

Amazing day, exceeded even my very high expectations

Great location, lots of good varied water, plenty of fish to go for and not too easy! The fishing was perfect which is why I keep coming back

Beautifully kept beat, well mown paths, bridges, and walkways all in excellent order, first class hut

This is far and away the best venue that I have fished this year, and would not hesitate to come back.

One of the best days fishing in my life, truly memorable and dreams are made of days like this.

Offered a broad variety of water – fast moving, slow moving, hatch pool and weir, the variety along with plenty of stocked fish and wild trout and grayling was quite a combination.

Environment, fish condition and the way the fishery caters for the rods, first class river and keeper – our favourite

The river setting, the clear water with visible fish, the fantastic fishing hut and very friendly river keeper who visited us to ensure we had no problems

I liked most variety of fishing styles deep pools shallows, open, sheltered, fast or slow current bank and wading.

Idyllic setting offering a real variety of fishing with superb stock of fish, another wonderful day at Wherwell.

Everything! Beautiful setting, varied water, superb facilties – even decent weather!

Everything the setting was fantastic, the whole day for me & my son was unforgettable

Saturday at Wherwell was awesome, a superb day fishing, the hut was also very nice with gas BBQ etc

The fishing was lovely, the river in very good order, just the right aprons and lots of fish, we had a very good day and a happy time.

Stunning piece of water, first class facilities it was perfect.

Lots of rising fish

Our first experience of chalk stream fishing, it was everything we expected, full credit to the riverkeeper, our days fishing was as near a perfect day as we were expecting

On this day I achieved the holy grail for me, I was fishing the River Test, I spotted a fish, I cast my home tied dry fly to it, I saw it rise to take the gently floating fly, after a strong fight I landed the fish to find my klink hammer in the scissors of its jaws and released the whopper to fight another day, Perfect!

Wherwell is always an interesting beat

In general a cracking day, the river and fishing were immaculate, great sport, hard fighting fish and well-kept banks

comments from the 2012 season

“height and clarity of water, beautiful carrier, plenty of wiley fish”

“immaculate kept river and surroundings; tranquil setting, just an incredibly beautiful stretch of river offering excellent sport – a truly memorable day”

“everything all brilliant a perfect day”

“we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and thought that the beat was quite the best cared for that we’ve ever been on and will remember Wherwell as one of the best days ever”

“Wherwell is one of my favourite beats, the water is gin clear”

“a fantastic day on the Wherwell Priory park beat, dry fly fishing to die for”

“beautiful river and water with lots of fish, stocked and wild, stunning surroundings and excellent fishing hut”

“a very pleasant day at Wherwell Priory, as usual we were well looked after by the resident river keeper and the hut in excellent order”

“perfect introduction to fly fishing on a perfect day”

“the water was wonderful; lots of visible fish, banks were great, hut also excellent”

“the best kept beat we’ve ever visited”

“beat very well maintained, excellent fishing with peace and tranquillity”

“the excellent venue, plenty of fish, clarity of water and first class fishing lodge”

“it was heaven”

“very enjoyable, everyone had a great day”

“the fishing was superb, fish in very good condition”

“a fabulous day had by all, and Priory beat was up to its usual very high standard”

“beautiful beat sorted to perfection, great bank sections for lefties too!”

“first class fishing, beautifully maintained rivers and facilities”

“extremely well laid out and maintained, fishing hut was also very good, day not long enough”

“Wherwell delivered the goods with a solid mayfly hatch, a great day and every fish had to be worked for”

comments from 2011 season

"It was absolutely pouring with rain when we arrived and I was rather depressed at the thought that we were looking at conditions that would continue throughout the day. Happily, it soon cleared up and we started. And what fishing! Terry was an absolute brick and gave us all kinds of the right advice and we were both soon amongst the fish. The trout were eager, confident takers of the fly and we both experimented with the contents of our fly boxes in an attempt to find out what they liked best..... it was a very happy day."

"... what a splendid day it turned out to be. There was a good olive hatch and rising, feeding fish which is a rare sight on some stretches of the river, and perhaps a testament to Terry's keepering skills. The beat looked absolutely in superb condition. It was a great classic dry fly day and most of the fish were happy to have a look at a small dry olive and some foolish enough to think it was the real thing, so i had a great day and released most of the catch to fight another day."

"we had an excellent day. I caught my largest ever brownie on a dry fly. it weighed in at 6lb 10oz! Tasted excellent too."
"around 7.00 pm several fish started rising steadily on the lower beat. The interesting thing is that only large fish were rising. I found myself casting to several fish all in excess of 3lbs - superb fishing."

"Wherwell Priory is a terrific location, the river environment is managed impeccably"

"The actuality far exceeded the anticipation - which these days is rare!.... you will be pleased to know that Lucy (aged three and three quarters) caught her first fish - after lunch - weighing 2lbs"

"Beautiful, well-maintained river. Met owner who was very nice too"

"Beautiful surroundings, well-kept river and very helpful river keeper who gave us a short tour of the water prior to fishing. Great fishing hut. Super, well-kept venue with a good variety of river depths, speeds, etc"

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