at Wherwell Priory

the beats

The Park Beat 

is a very long beat with a lot of variety. At the bottom the river is not deep but wide and fast. Some village houses overlook the river here from the other bank, but they have no fishing rights.. There is a deep, turbulent hatch pool at The Mill, and the garden section beyond is only fished by wading. Our resident fishing guide, Mark Shickle, lives, very conveniently in this section! You proceed towards the fishing hut which is a quaint wooden structure with an awning right beside the river under the shade of a chestnut tree.


The Priory Beat 

is the same length as the Park Beat but it is fished from a combination of left and right bank, and it has no overlooking houses - in fact there are some really secluded and wild stretches, the river is really beautiful here. There is also a wading section of this beat. Start from the downstream end with fast deep runs. At the other end of the stretch there is a long, straight section, excellent for sight casting. The final section is shaded from the opposite bank, perfect for fishing either from the bank, or for wading. 

For a short video of all the beats click on this link
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